Douglas and District Football Club

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6-a-side Leisure Leagues

Back row, left to right: Dave McDaid, Adam Ritchie, Konrad Kumor, Ashley Humphrey.
Front row: Daniel Kinley, Darren Armstrong, Paul Gavin.

All the results for the season, along with goalscorers. The team finished 3rd out of 12 teams.

All matches are every Monday at Colby Football Club 3G Pitch.

19/01/15    D&D 4-0 Hell's Kitchen
Dave McDaid 2, Ashley Humphrey, Konrad Kumor
League MOTM: Konrad Kumor
 "          "      D&D 10-0 Hertha Berlin B Team (Friendly)
Konrad Kumor 4, Ashley Humphrey 4, Dave McDaid, Daniel Kinley
26/01/15    Amateurs United 0-8 D&D
Konrad Kumor 3, Simon Taylor 2, Paul Gavin 2, Adam Ritchie
League MOTM: Paul Gavin
02/02/15    D&D 0-1 Downtown
09/02/15    D&D 2-0 Prime Time
Ashley Humphrey, Jamie Redmond
League MOTM: Ashley Humphrey
16/02/15    Le Saux Solid Crew 0-8 D&D
Konrad Kumor 6, Ashley Humphrey 2
League MOTM: Konrad Kumor
23/02/15    D&D 3-0 Breagle Brigadiers
Daniel Kinley 2, Konrad Kumor
League MOTM: Konrad Kumor
02/03/15    Hertha Berlin B Team 1-4 D&D
Konrad Kumor 2, Ashley Humphrey 2
League MOTM: Simon Taylor
09/03/15    D&D 0-4 Lions
16/03/15    Real Sosobad 1-3 D&D
Konrad Kumor, Richard Sparkes, Daniel Kinley
League MOTM: Konrad Kumor
23/03/15    Killpigs 2-2 D&D
Ashley Humphrey, Ricki Pearson
League MOTM: Konrad Kumor
30/03/15    D&D 0-0 Jammiest of Dodgers
League MOTM: Paul Gavin
06/04/15    Hell's Kitchen 2-6 D&D
Konrad Kumor 5, Dave McDaid
League MOTM: Konrad Kumor
13/04/15    D&D 7-0 Amateurs United
Konrad Kumor 4, Rob Jones, Dave McDaid, Ricki Pearson
League MOTM: Dave McDaid
20/04/15    Downtown 6-0 D&D
27/04/15    Prime Time 1-5 D&D
Richard Sparkes 2, Dave McDaid, Konrad Kumor, Simon Taylor
04/05/15    D&D 2-2 Manx United
Dave McDaid, Bam Atapon
11/05/15    FC Levski Bulgaria 0-3 D&D
Ashley Humphrey, Dave McDaid, Bam Atapon
League MOTM: Bam Atapon
18/05/15    D&D v Hell's Kitchen (Friendly)
Dave McDaid 2, Rob Jones, Bam Atapon
League MOTM: Dave McDaid
25/05/15    Lions 2-1 D&D
Richard Sparkes
15/06/15    Jammiest of Dodgers 1-1 D&D
Bam Atapon
League MOTM: Jamie Redmond

22/06/15    D&D 2-1 Real Sosobad
Konrad Kumor 2

29/06/15    D&D    v    Killpigs    20:00 (MOVED DUE TO TT RACES)